Semalt Explains Why Using SEO Tools Is  Mandatory

Professional SEO tools have already become indispensable in the analysis and optimization of websites. In recent years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly important. Even high-quality content on a well-known website does not achieve outstanding results without optimization. It must be precisely adapted to the current search engine guidelines.

Therefore, this state of affairs has further accentuated the importance of SEO tools. Thus, having access to an all-in-one tool such as the SEO Personal Dashboard is a luxury that Semalt offers you for free. 

Through this article, we will highlight the importance of SEO tools and in particular the advantage you have in adopting the DSD tool.

Why are SEO tools important?

Without website analysis tools such as the DSD tool, it is difficult to analyze important information such as keywords, website traffic, ranking in search engines such as Google and Co, as well as backlinks creation or data set composition. 

In practice, almost no company relies on a single tool. To overcome this problem and provide you with everything you need for SEO, Semalt offers you the DSD tool. It's an all-in-one tool that gives you important information on how to improve your SEO without the need for other tools.

What is the best SEO tool?

SEO tools are the foundation of professional SEO and search engine marketing. They should not be confused with search engine advertising (SEA). 

In addition to analyzing your website's ranking and optimizing your content, they offer you many other features. Thus, your website marketing is continuously improving. 

However, it is almost impossible to find a single tool to perfect your website's SEO. To overcome this difficulty, the SEO Personal Dashboard tool was created. It is the tool that all SEO professionals dream of: a complete SEO tool.

Free and paid SEO tools

The weighting of these parameters determines whether your own website performs well in an online check or lands in the bottom position. For this reason, almost every piece of software shows you different results. However, these are not errors. They are rather unavoidable fluctuations in the analysis by the current algorithms. 

Therefore, you should use a better online SEO tool such as DSD to optimize your content. For DSD, some resources are free; but in other cases, you have to pay a monthly fee to use the software. However, the program is inexpensive and more suitable for optimizing your content on search engines. It also shows you everything you need reliably:
  • the number and quality of backlinks;
  • the potential of your URL;
  • as well as the additional traffic coming from a link on social networks.

With DSD, our agency helps you develop your customers

When choosing an appropriate SEO tool and configuring WordPress, you should pay attention to a few important points. In principle, it should not be possible to associate your page with duplicate content at any time. These are text passages that have already been used verbatim on another page. 

Often, in marketing, you can't avoid the fact that competitors have already covered a topic. However, you only have to fear negative consequences and an SEO penalty for your placement in search results in case of copied passages. Therefore, every post should be checked with a professional program.

Avoid common mistakes and exploit the full potential of the content. DSD, as a modern keyword research tool, makes it easier for you to search for a suitable keyword. It also offers you many other advantages. 

When using it, you should take into account that it only includes data that the search engine operator already has. 

As a keyword tool, you can use DSD as a free tool and enter the search terms that your potential customers would enter. On the other hand, you can use it for other purposes.

Retrieval tools are also integrated directly into the DSD tool. In fact, they are always useful because you can use them to restore your data and media. You should always have a backup of your data.

Benefits of DSD in practice

Our marketing consultancy will help you to use the DSD tool in a very efficient way. When optimizing a website, it is no longer important to include a keyword in the text as often as possible. You can easily determine certain criteria such as word count or keyword density manually. 

However, other decisions making features such as web links or page speed are also taken into account. Therefore, the SEO Personal Dashboard does not only help you to optimize the structure of your site. It also forms an indispensable basis for technical improvements. For example, DSD is very useful to analyze the performance of a website.

You can also use it to get new topics for future posts, guides or articles. With the help of this tool, you can see the monthly impressions and the current competition in a very short time. And also the placement of any keyword. 

Moreover, DSD also helps you to check if your competitors have already optimized their content for a specific term. As a result, this modern program saves you a lot of money, time and effort. At the same time, it guarantees optimal results in SEO marketing. You can then apply the knowledge gained from this tool in remarketing, for example.

Main features of SEO tools you should know

Proper evaluation of unknown software solutions is often not easy for beginners in particular. A paid program is not always the best for your next project. The range of functions of a free tool is often sufficient. Here is what the DSD tool offers you in this respect:

Comprehensive monitoring

As a modern tool, DSD constantly shows you important data. After all, it makes sense to always keep an eye on the most important factors influencing the ranking. If you want to optimize your site, you also need detailed information about the expected traffic from related keywords. 

Many companies focus only on one high-frequency keyword in search engine optimization. However, high rankings for rarely used search terms also help you with optimization. For this reason, the DSD tool does not only show you access to your social network publications separately but also the associated search hits.

The free analyses often show the rankings as a snapshot. You only see the current position of your link. In practice, however, the placement in the search results is not rigid. On the contrary, it changes almost at every moment. Therefore, you can recognize a good program by the representation of the evolution of your ranking over time. In this way, you get the direct benefit of your search engine optimization from the diagrams. You can also see immediately when duplicate content has been published on one of your subpages or social networks.

On-Page Optimization Features

Professional software solutions help you optimize your website according to the current standards. Your Internet marketing strategy benefits. Does an important keyword appear often enough in your texts? Do individual passages duplicate content? This happens very often, especially in the first few paragraphs of an article. That is if exactly the same word choice was used to promote the publication on social networks. 

The advanced modules also explain technical errors. You often correct them within a very short time. Above all, this includes the implementation of multimedia files. In addition, a damaged internal link can harm your positioning in the search results. In addition to the focus keywords, you can therefore influence many other aspects directly on your page.

Backlink modules

Finally, check the backlink modules of the programs very carefully. These important components search the net for connections between your website and other sites. Many entrepreneurs around the world feel that they have enough external links. 

After all, free tools always show you more than 1000 links to your URL. The absolute number of links, however, plays only a secondary role in search engine evaluation. The variety and quality of the backlinks are decisive. 

Therefore, DSD is the perfect software solution to distinguish between the important aspects: Are all backlinks separate from social media posts (e.g. a Facebook post or hashtags)? Or are they industry-specific trade magazines, blogs and clients? Because they are more important to your website. Thus, it will help you much further in the SEO campaign of your online marketing strategy. This allows for much better statements about the state of off-page optimization.


Through this article, we have detailed the importance of SEO tools and why you should absolutely use them. Furthermore, we have taken care to explain to you the full potential of the DSD tool which is an all-in-one tool that offers you better services than the tools of the same category. 

In fact, you can even consider becoming an SEO service reseller through the Semalt reseller program.

For more information about this, you may consider contacting us directly. You can also visit our Blog for free SEO tips.